Noisia - The Tide cd [VSNCDS001]

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Noisia - The Tide cd [VSNCDS001]

Postprzez noico » 10 kwi 2006, 14:03

noisia - the tide cd [VSNCDS001]

monkey napisał(a):As Noisia is pushing the boundaries within D&B, what else could we be expecting from these boyz than to deliver a limited edition special CD of ‘The Tide’ & ‘Concussion’ for those people who do not support the vinyl market, but still fancy buying a proper quality playable cd, that can be used for both dj's and listening purposes.To make this cd more interesting the guys decided to add a bonus track called "lekker lekker" a hardcore breaks tune which has been getting massive support from all the heads. "lekker lekker"will also be available on 12" for all you vinyl junkies. Its circulating on white at the moment and is know as LOVEBRKZ 002. Currently getting support from Pete Tong & Mary Anne Hobbs, Since Noisia are the talk of the town at the moment they decided to include a free bonus video which would allow to introduces them selves to the people behind Noisia... Be prepared for some stupid, fun to watch nonsense and learn all you want about the infamous Noisia trio..

1 - The Tide
2 - Concussion
3 - Lekker
4 - Bonus Video Documentry
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Postprzez cierus » 21 kwi 2006, 17:35

noico masz moze tego lekker'a w mp3??
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