Break & Dan Intrinsic - Longed Out / Lost Cause [REVREC0

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Break & Dan Intrinsic - Longed Out / Lost Cause [REVREC0

Postprzez » 06 maja 2006, 08:35

Cat. No: REVREC009

Release Date: Promos 1st May/ Full release June 2006

ARTISTS: (click tracks for audio)

A. BREAK – “Longed out”

AA. DAN INTRINSIC – “Lost Cause”

The unstoppable Break has returned to the Revolution fold to twist out some more mind warping flavas. Break’s last excursion on the label “Spirits” (REVREC003) is still getting smashed all over the world, and “Longed Out” is set to do the same. Break is joined by newcomer, Dan Intrinsic who is a part of the hotly tipped 'Do The Math' crew, currently causing a stir with Marcus Intalex.

Longed Out is another musical blueprint that firmly stamps this young producer’s name on the scene for years to come. Trademark funk-injected breaks, epic Asian samples and a deadly warping b-line combine to create something very special indeed.

Lost Cause is a vocal-tinged, grimey piece of 21st century soul that exudes nothing but vibes. The heart-wrenching vox sample blends perfectly with the intricate soundscapes and rumbling bass tones on this one.

DJ Support inc: Friction, Ed Rush, Calyx, Klute, Vicious Circle, Muffler.
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synthetic city

Postprzez swarozyc » 06 maja 2006, 16:45

Chyba najgorszy revolution.
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Postprzez desire » 07 maja 2006, 13:09

dokladnie break sie wogole nie popisał a to drogie tez z dupy , jest w chuj leprzych produkcji ktore mogly by byc wydane zamiast tego .
moze revrec010 bedze leprzy .
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Postprzez .boro. » 08 maja 2006, 12:46

Break - lipa ale za to 2 storna....

Jak dla mnie jedno z lepszych ostatnich i kolejny obok 001 /004 revolution ktory kupie...
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