[BREAKBEAT] Mechanical Pressure - Synthetic Mindset [MDB07]

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[BREAKBEAT] Mechanical Pressure - Synthetic Mindset [MDB07]

Postprzez Melting Pot Records » 17 lip 2013, 19:00


Alexey Scherbakov aka Mechanical Pressure is already making a name for himself in the drum and bass sphere.
But with Synthetic Mindset he's chosen to slow things down a bit,
proving to be a master in the art of combining diverse and far-out influences in a mixture of fierce breaks,
chunky basslines, spiraling melodies, wonky noises and fuzzed-out guitars.

A tasty serving of computer-generated psychedelic funk, fat enough for the club yet cool enough for chilling to.

Release date: June 12th, 2013

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