VVAA - Pot Heads Part III [DIGIPOT52]

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VVAA - Pot Heads Part III [DIGIPOT52]

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The Digital Pot 52 - Various Artists - Pot Heads EP Part III [DIGIPOT52]

It's that time again, as the Pot Heads series keeps on track with the
3rd instalment and, like its predecessors, it is packed full of D'n'B goodness,
picked fresh from across the globe.

Dimisia & Neothrope demonstrate with "Civilisation of the sun" that intricate
drumwork and crazy modulation can indeed work on the dancefloor!

Backdrop is a new name from the UK, but he seems to already have mastered
the art of blending epic ambiances with crunching basslines,
"Don't look down" is a sign he's definitely one to watch out for.

Toronto's Statistic and Artifice continue to make waves with some more
of their trademark rolling drums and big subs with "Derelict".

And last but not least, our Ukranian synth scientist Mechanical Pressure
keeps on pushing his unique atmospheric techstep sound for
our listening pleasure with "Thermopylae".

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