Mefjus & InsideInfo – Footpath (Feat. The Upbeats) / Leibniz

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Mefjus & InsideInfo – Footpath (Feat. The Upbeats) / Leibniz

Postprzez ciacH » 13 mar 2015, 07:34

Mefjus & InsideInfo – Footpath (Feat. The Upbeats) / Leibniz
We haven’t seen a lot of releases from Virus in the last couple of years, but every time they released something, it packed a punch. Everyone played their tracks, everyone knew them. And now it’s high time for another couple of bangers. Remember “Mythos”? Of course you do. So, InsideInfo & Mefjus are here to blow your mind and thousands of dancefloors all over the world once again, this time accompanied by another killer duo – The Upbeats! If you are really into d&b you’ve probably heard these two tunes already, but if you haven’t – prepare yourself, it will be one hell of an experience!

Release Date: May 2015
Catalogue Number: VRS034
Label: Virus Recordings
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