Noisia – Incessant EP [VISION]

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Noisia – Incessant EP [VISION]

Postprzez ciacH » 20 mar 2015, 07:25

Every release by the invincible trio Noisia is a real feast for every Drum & Bass lover. And they delivered again! After an amazing compilation devoted to the ten year anniversary of their Vision label, they bring us a brand new EP and it’s absolutely flawless. We have two unbelievable, groundbreaking tracks written together with the most forward thinking producers our scene has to offer – Mefjus & Hybris. “Clusterfunk” and “Reptilians” are totally different to any other neurofunk banger you can imagine, it’s a breath of fresh air. “Incessant” drops so hard, it generates blast waves, while “Banshee” keeps the best from the roots and goes so deep, that you literally feel it’s pressure. Incessant EP is probably one of the best releases we’ve seen so far in 2015 and it throws a challenge for other producers, which is alway good.

Release Date: 20 April 2015; Beatport Exlusive: 06 April 2015
Label: Vision Recordings
Catalogue Number: VSN020

1. Noisia - Incessant
2. Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris - Clusterfunk
3. Noisia, Mefjus & Hybris - Reptilians
4. Noisia - Banshee
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Re: Noisia – Incessant EP [VISION]

Postprzez Basebox » 20 mar 2015, 10:51

Coverart <love> !!!
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Rozpoznawalny diler towaru w klubach.

Re: Noisia – Incessant EP [VISION]

Postprzez omegadnb » 26 maja 2015, 22:12

ooo nowe Visiony,jakfajnie że sobie dają siana z dubstepami i robią neuruski oby tak dalej. Jutro wrzucę na odsłuch,artwork kocur jak to Noisia.
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