Ivy Lab & Mefjus - Mef:Lab [Critical Music]

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Ivy Lab & Mefjus - Mef:Lab [Critical Music]

Postprzez ciacH » 24 mar 2015, 18:31

Ahead of the upcoming Critical Sound Room Two takeover on 3rd April, we've been commissioned to stream another taste of yet another Critical exclusive. If you click the soundcloud player below you can hear a whole heap of what the Ivy Lab trio did when they went into the studio to remix Mefjus' 'Blame You.' The track forms part of the cunningly named Mef:Lab EP which will be released exclusively on vinyl and digital this Friday (27th March) through the Critical store and Beatport. The other track on the 12" is yep, you guessed it, Mefjus remixing Ivy Lab and their track 'Sunday Crunk' making a packaged out of a duo of cuts that have reportedly been shelling down the Critical raves since their creation.

A1. Ivy Lab - Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)
B1. Mefjus - Blame You ft. Zoe Klinck (Ivy Lab Remix)
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