DEADCODE - “BOMBOCLAT” (Official Music Video)

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DEADCODE - “BOMBOCLAT” (Official Music Video)

Postprzez deadcoderecords » 19 kwi 2016, 20:11


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Deadcode is the name behind one of the biggest, heaviest, deadliest amen tunes on the planet this year, “Ratatata” was released on Doc Scott’s legendary 31 Recordings in February 2016 and now they are back with even more absolutely ridicilous unadulterated mayhem in the form of a new single called “Bomboclat”.

Bomboclat starts with a reggae influenced half time beats and builds up towards ridicilously sick switch with a big distorted 808 bass, amens which are edited, twisted and pitchshifted to absolutely madness and ragga vocal hooks with next level production tricks. Absolutely danger, guaranteed to destroy any dance and leave the crowd screaming for one more rewind!

Release date: 18th April 2016

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