Deadcode - Junk Funk

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Deadcode - Junk Funk

Postprzez deadcoderecords » 04 lip 2016, 12:46


Our brand new single is now on Skankandbass's youtube channel:

Buy link:

Will be available on all other stores and streaming services on July 11th.

After releasing some of the biggest dancefloor drum n bass tunes this year on 31 Recordings and their own Deadcode Records, the mysterious Finnish duo are back and armed with serious warehouse drum ’n bass rave anthem - “Junk Funk”.

Junk Funk starts off with eerie pads and rising rave sounds that build up to filthiest, sickest and probably the most disgusting drop you’ve heard this year. Rolling old skool breaks combined with modern razor sharp bass sounds, sick rave horns and chopped up vocals make this instant rewind when dropped at drum ’n bass rave.

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