Switch Technique - Revisions EP [TSREP002]

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Switch Technique - Revisions EP [TSREP002]

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I trochę tekstu:

We are hugely proud to bring you 4 killer tracks from the Polish Purveyor of Pain!!

1. Quarks and Leptons
A track I'm sure you've all heard by now after being featured in some recent mixes and dropped across Europe over the last tour season, Quarks and Leptons is a masterclass in fine tuned and edit heavy nastiness. A track as mystery infused as the title suggests, the crunchiest of crunchy breaks and a little technoid workout build only to drop out to the soothing sounds of an endless night sky before thundering fire and brimstone down on you for the (first) drop....and there's so much more to come! A constantly evolving little bastard with enough weight for the dance floor but also intricate enough to keep you going back to notice new details on each repeat listen.

2. Broken Wounds (ft Robyn Chaos & Fortitude)
Immediately repeatable and tapping into the current creeping malaise, this haunting, socially critical vocal by Robyn Chaos tells you 'Pretend all your life. It all ends in sin. We're only broken wounds and open skin' before a full on assault on the senses kicks you in the c**t. Premiered at Therapy Sessions London last fall during Fortitude's set, a short video clip filmed from the crowd amassed over a thousand plays within a day. For us this track beautifully defines what makes Switch Technique so interesting. The intro encapsulates the sounds of technology revolting and a society dying.. Eerie vocals, paranoid synths and dystopian atmospherics guide you by the hand into ground zero where the apocalypse has already begun. A love story to heavy, an ode to glitch, and a sobbing confession to the dark.

3. 140 Conspiracy Robyn Chaos & Fortitude (Switch Technique Remix)
A truly epic remix of Robyn Chaos and Fortitude's stomping call to arms from TSR002, this delivers the same message but trades words for sheer brutality.Starting off as a portentous, distorted transmission from another world, the frequencies slowly align just in time for the intricate kickdrum workout to tear your face off. A Tasmanian devil-esque ball of crazy proceeds to hammer away and claw at your sanity (and your dancing feet) and then... there's the brief respite.... the moment you stop running and all you can is the sound of your own heart beating....You're allowed to catch your breathe ever so slightly before the second wave of anarchy floods the streets and it's time to run.

4. Ride Out
'Are you afraid you're alone....?'
A little trip down memory lane with a fitting homage to Switch Technique's earlier broken drumfunk styles. A more amen and distorted bass stabs focused slice of nasty pie that tears at the membrane blurring the line between drum and bass and hardcore and haunts jungle's dreams. Starting with a vocal stab and synths almost borrowed from the liquid genre any hope of hearing some subtle, jazz inspired funk is slapped out of your head as the vibe switches (ha! seewhaddadidthere?) to a more sinister mistress. Simultaneously old school and brand new it's a dark, brooding beast that's come to sing a terrifying lullaby to your first born....

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