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Infiltrata 2006 European Tour

PostNapisane: 07 cze 2006, 13:08
przez BeatKingz
-Dates available from August 13th to the 27th, 2006

Infiltrata (TekDbz / Barcode / Human Imprint / - USA

Infiltrata Bio:

So who is Infiltrata?

He's doing big tingz, signed to Photek Productions / Metalheadz / Renegade Hardware / Tech Itch recs. / Outbreak / Tek Dubz / Cartel / Uprising / TOV / Imperial / Version.

His motto, "Eat, Sleep, and Shit Drum & Bass," suits John well. However, his strength as a Dj/producer have since overshadowed his talents on the mic taking him to various parts of Europe and just about every city stateside worthy enough to host quality drum & bass events.

John's ability to control minds behind the decks is comparable to his skills on the mic, because his energy is highly contagious.

He is one of only a few dj's that can gracefully fuze hip hop and drum and bass!!

Check out his mix on the website:

Don't forget to wear your dance shoes cuz Infiltrata's gonna rinse you out!!

PostNapisane: 12 cze 2006, 12:55
przez BeatKingz

PostNapisane: 12 cze 2006, 17:21
przez Azbest
nigdy mi zbytnio nie przypadaƂ do gustu...

PostNapisane: 12 cze 2006, 17:22
przez IZM
Photek - Sidewinder /Infiltrata + Hochi RMX/
Infiltrata + Demo - Us against the world.

The ultimate roxxornezz.


PostNapisane: 12 cze 2006, 19:21
przez Robal
and so on? 8)

PostNapisane: 12 cze 2006, 22:30
przez northern
Robal napisaƂ(a):and so on? 8)

so mozesz sobie zabookowac Infiltrate na grilla w ogrodku :D

PostNapisane: 13 cze 2006, 15:10
przez BeatKingz
?? sorry guys, i dont understand polish.....

Just wanted to offer his services as he will be in Dresden this august.

Anyone interested in booking him give us a shout :)

PostNapisane: 13 cze 2006, 17:38
przez Richard Murder
they are thinking about booking him to play on some grill ;D

PostNapisane: 14 cze 2006, 12:05
przez BeatKingz
sweet :)


PostNapisane: 20 cze 2006, 16:56
przez BeatKingz
Dates are running out soon, so get your request in :)

PostNapisane: 21 cze 2006, 13:44
przez disperse
Any chances for a gig in Dublin / Ireland ?

PostNapisane: 10 lip 2006, 15:21
przez Styku
Yeah, plz book. I wanna see Infiltrata. Plz book. Ty.