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Postprzez Chaos@AngerUK » 11 lip 2006, 21:15

Hello Soldiers!!

Some news for you from Anger, Therapy, Freak and the whole crew for the next few months!!

Anger is happy to welcome CURRENT VALUE to the family! You have heard his dancefloor destroying tracks (if not, you HAVE to come down to Therapy in London this month to check it out!!), a whole new level of intensity and style from this Berlin Bastard (sorry mate but you are making some bastard tunes LOL)! "6000 Thoughts", "Indivisible Force", "What's in It", "A Strange Peace"...You can peep more about him here , complete with audio, and of course, for booking info for him and any of the artists below, contact me at robyn@angeruk.net!

Also, some upcoming dates and tours for some of our Anger Family from now until November time! You can check links provided to get more info about each artist and check pics/audio!


DYLAN & ROBYN CHAOS - The King of the Freaks himself, Dylan, and myself, his little Freak Queen lol. will be based in the US for a year, reigning terror stateside and unleashing new Therapy Sessions across the land but we will be back and forth quite a bit to Europe for events and bookings! We leave end of August, after I spread some filthy femme styles (lol or not, as it is) in South Africa in August, and Dylan destroys at Hardware on the 25th and True Playaz on the 26th in London, and are back in September/October and January 2007 to hang with our European people's. Please check Anger website for free dates within this timeframe!
Freak Recordings

LIMEWAX - The boy wonders evil twin brother steps up this fall even more (if thats possible)! With the long awaited album release set for fall, he will be touring the US (see below), Japan, and all over the UK and Europe from now until the end of the year, spreading his nasties as he goes along! Such amazing energetic sets full of evil soundscapes and dark tribal influences (which I personally love), without a doubt, one to get your hands on!

EVOL INTENT - With the smoking remains of Gigantor's last June tour still seared across Europe's ass, we plan to bring both The Enemy and Knick out to tag team in September from the 16th end of the month! With their album in the works and their gliched out evol style, these boys definitely know how to throw down at a party!
Evol Intent

TECH ITCH - The man is a MACHINE. Just back from touring extensively around the USA, OZ and NZ the past few months, the mighty Itch return to Europe next week for booking this side of the planet ;). He is working on some really amazing collaborations, remixes and releases including a Therapy Sessions CD release for Sony Red you can check all his comings and goings out on the Anger site as he is Spotlighted this week in the news section. You can also find more info and hear audio below:
Tech Itch

COUNTERSTRIKE - Animalchin, half of the dynamic South African Algorhythm duo, returns to Europe again in October (dates available from the 14th 31st) to play our second installment of "Therapy Sessions" Black Swan, Bristol on Friday, October 13th (more TBA..hee hee), and to tear out on his own or alongside myself! You can get updated on all the new releases, collaborations and general projects below. Also, if you havent seen it yet, check out the anger site for a video from the Therapy Sessions in St Petersburg featuring Dylan and Eaton from Counterstrike! Fiiiiyyyaaaa LOL

RAIDEN - Offkey's head honcho has been busy in the Baltics and DJing all over Europe for the past few months, as well as hard at work on releases and in the studio! With the next release, the nasty nasty Propaganda track "The Real" mangling people left and right, and with a slew of projects in the pipeline, as well as his very own techy, layering style; Raiden is longstanding, firm favourite on the roster.
Raiden Offkey

THE PANACEA - If you were at the June "Therapy Session" in London, or listened online, or have not been living in a hole somewhere ;) you know this man is just absolutely insane as a dj, and has been just plowing his own path in musically for years and years, always keeping to his own unique opulent style! (I like to think of him as the Marilyn Manson of DnB without the fishnets,..lol.. though maybe we can work something out). With his new Offkey collaborations, releases on Position Chrome, and the Henry Rollins inspired new Freak dub "Rave Music Resurrected" smashing heads from England - Estonia, without a doubt one to get your hands on this Fall!
The Panacea

VICIOUS CIRCLE- The Boys are always back in Town here LOL! Our little monsters of mayhem (Vodka Gremlins) are always on the go, playing their heavy driving sets of darkness, rollers, techy and tribally styles with dancefloor panache (if you will ;) across Europe and UK regularly! With upcoming releases on DSCI4, Hardware, and Freak in the next few months, theboys have been mad busy making some absolute killers!
Vicious Circle

PROPAGANDA- As well as providing clubs across the UK and Europe with techy, booty shakin' beats DJ wise, and the above mentioned Offkey release of one of my personal fave's, "The Real"; Propaganda have been very busy in the studio, resulting in forthcoming releases from Offkey, Position Chrome, DSCI4 and Rough Trade!

THE SECT - Seriously, you need to check these guys out if you haven't already! As producer's, they have been tearing out intricate, dirty, techy masterpieces as of late, eagerly snapped up by both Freak and Offkey! And as DJ's, their hard, techy tag teams always captivate the crowd!
The Sect

Below is also some links to other artists on the agency!!

Kryptic Minds
Leon Switch
Corrupt Souls
Temper D


You can check out Therapy Sessions Worldwide over the next few months in locations throughout Europe! Below in sig are a few of the events we have planned with more info to come! You can also click here for audio from past events, pictures, etc. Also we're just back from tearing it up at Exit Festival this past weekend!! Oh my bloody god! Just love Eastern Europe - sooo THE place to be!! We'll get the sick pics up for you soon on the site!!!! ;) The start of something beautiful!

We will also have T shirts available for sale at all events...check out: http://www.freak-recordings.com/tshirt2.jpg

we will set up a pay pal or something in next week for anyone who needs to order online ;)

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Postprzez noico » 11 lip 2006, 21:51

:wes: :slayer_evil: :slayer: :hern: :slay2: :kra: :badgersl:
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Postprzez Grievous » 12 lip 2006, 11:36

sickness :dnb:
Counterstrike :twisted:
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Postprzez IZM » 12 lip 2006, 14:47

Btw, could you possibly remind Dylan to send me that record list?

(if there's any left)

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Postprzez Chaos@AngerUK » 24 lip 2006, 23:12

which one is that mate? I'll remind him :) how are you LOL?

xxxx my pole peeps

got a girlfriend from poland living in Bristol on way back home soon - I'll send her onto the forum ;)
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Postprzez ''Kylabees'' » 24 lip 2006, 23:22

it will be significant... :mofire:
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jak dla ciebie z dupy....

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