Splash Heads are back with a massive hat-trick!

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Splash Heads are back with a massive hat-trick!

Postprzez wiz » 15 kwi 2017, 01:04

Splash Heads are back with a massive hat-trick!

After entering the scene with their debut releases on Eatbrain and a great collaboration with The Clamps for Blackout, the serbian duo is back with a massive hat-trick!
Out now on Future Sickness Records is #Technodrome, a sick collaboration with the twisted twins Gancher & Ruin.
The second of three, the magnificent #Sunstrider is coming soon on Genome Records as a part of "Scensio LP".
Finally as a part of farewell project "The Final Chapter - Neuroware" on mighty Renegade Hardware heavily awaited "Opus Dei" is ready to go and destroys your speakers. Stay tuned for more ;)

Splash Heads - Opus Dei
Renegade Hardware

https://soundcloud.com/renegade-hardwar ... s-opus-dei

Gancher & Ruin vs Splash Heads - Technodrome
Future Sickness Records


Splash Heads - Sunstride
Genome Records

https://soundcloud.com/genome-records-1 ... nstrider-1


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