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PostNapisane: 20 gru 2006, 23:58
przez Chaos@AngerUK
Hey Everyone!! (Thanks again for having Dylan last weekend - or weekend before actually!!)

We have so much going on in the New Year its hard to list it all here without taking a million years, so I thought best to do a general overview and you can check out the agency website for more info! or any of the myspaces.. , , , and we're all linked to each others sites as well ;)

There are countless evil Therapy Session's seeds sprouting up all over the USA and Europe, as well as, tours in Oz, Nz and Japan planned for early 2007! you can find out more info on all of those at the Therapy Sessions myspace ( /therapycult) or! We hope to see you Freak out at a sessions near you!!

Check out London's XXXMAS Therapy Spectacular LIVE TONIGHT on from 10 PM GMT!!!


Here's a few more in the works:

Dec 20th - Therapy Sessions London Xxxmas (today!!!)
Dec 23rd - Moscow
Dec 29th - San Fran USA
Jan 13th - Tallin, Estonia
Jan 13th - Raleigh NC USA
Jan 17th - London
Jan 19th - Berlin
Jan 20th -Szcecin, Poland
Jan 26th - Sofia Bulgaria
Feb 8th - 28th Therapy Sessions Tour Oz / Nz: Dylan & Robyn Chaos
Feb 10th - Vienna Austria
Feb 21st - London
March 16th - Olten Switzerland
March 17th - Budapest, Hungary
March 17th - Samara, Russia
March 21st - London
March 23rd - @ Viram, Miami USA
April 14th - Dresden, Germany

As for tours all over Europe, US, Oz etc, here's a low down of some free dates and what people are up to and a pretty casual manner off top of my head ;)


AUDIO: Audio has a slew of tunes killing it right now, played by all from Andy and Ed to Dylan, Tech Itch, Limewax and everywhere in between. Chunky evil neuro ish styles are just annihiliating people left and right. He has an EP set for release on Freak in the new year as well as new tracks fro Subtitles and another big surprise project to be unveiled shortly (mmmwwhahah) and is playing out quite a bit all over Europe! Jan is full, but Feb and March looking pretty free dates wise for you promoters out there!

BKEY: A new daddy to baby Kayleigh, awww, Bkey is still making twisted tracks and heading up our Therapy in London (every third Weds)..His dates are pretty open barring Feb 3rd..but a few options so jump in there now as after Xmas people start booking frenzys lol.

The only time until perhaps late in 2007 that the boys will be together to wreak havoc on Europe!! Please get in there asap if able to work with these dates (I now this is more for the breakcore posse but some of you up in here ;)

Counterstrike comes out for one of his bi annual tours and in two weeks has 1 date left! One of the South African duo of "Counter-Culture", AnimalChin will be representing in our part of the world his unique evil bushman style LOL

Current Value has been pushing the boundaries of hard hitting in your face beats as of late and is touring alongside the Future Sickness crew in Feb and solo all other months. Booked Jan 19th and 20th for Therapy Sessions, Feb 3rd and April 14th, he is available for the other free dates to hurt you with his own brand of intensity!

Dylan is touring alongside his missus Robyn Chaos for the "In Sickness and in Hell" Therapy Sessions tour, spanning USA, Europe, Oz, New Zealand and Japan from Jan - March, and ending in WMC on March 23rd! March 9th and 10th are the only free dates left in Europe as of now!! This guy has been working so damn hard with new tracks freshly done alongside both Tech Itch and Audio!! Check out his own myspace for more info on my little Prince of Darkness...

Ronnie will be touring Europe on the dates above promoting new releases and armed with goodies for Habit Recordings and has Feb 9th and 24th free! Hard at work with new tracks and remixes on the way, definitely one to get your hands on while he's out for a limited time!

We hope to bring these two boys to european shores in April! Hit me up if interested..I know Evol always snatched up fast and many people have been asking about Ewun!! Definitely ones we want to get over!!

Limewax releases the long awaited debut album "Scars on the Horizon" in the next month and has just finished a grueling but very fun uber tour of USA, Oz, New Zealand and Japan!! He is always a highly sought after artist, set to become even more popular as this album drops, I can't even say or put into words how amazing it is, just soooooo good, so free dates basically are all dates in Feb EXCEPT the 3rd, and EXCEPT March 17th and 31st. So proud of my evil seed...

Phace releases his debut album on Subtitles "Pyscho" early in the New Year, and with that is very very booked up already, with a planned tour in USA in April. Dates free for him are only from May in Europe! Boy gets booked far up!

Robyn Chaos, I, (I'm going to speak in first person, feels weird in third lol) have really spread my little angel/devil wings in the last year, djing all over the world and killing dancefloors (lol if I do say so myself) with a mix of darkness, classics, evil neuro and tribal warfare in every set! With tunes set for release in 2007, including the long awaited (I know, I'm sorry) "The Suffering" and the very well received nasty little piece of "chew em up spit em out throw em on the floor" collaboration with Audio and Dylan " The Rapture", I am in the studio as much as poss between playing across the US, and also on tour with Dylan from Jan - March, as mentioned above. Nurturing and growing the Therapy Sessions empire, as well as the agency here (phew!), I live, eat, breathe, (you get the picture lol) and most importantly, love, nasty drum and bass and it shows in every performance I do (I should hope ;)...check my myspace for clips n mixes!

SPL "LOST SOUL": MARCH 16th - 24th 2007
Limewax's US partner in crime and amazing soundscape (I don't know how to put it - cinematic but to the floor) producer/dj, SPL, comes to european shores for a mini tour finally!! Promoting his new imprint, Lost Soul Recordings, the only dates left are March 16th and 24th!

The original Dr Doom, the James Brown of all things dark in drum and bass, has been celebrating his many releases on Technical Itch Recs, as well as working alongside Dylan with Technical Freak new album, molding their little Limenstein, playing all over the US and Europe, and even infiltrating dubstep! Busy as ever, free dates for him are best in Feb and April for Europe!

The original boys of bleeps and bashes have been expanding their techno tinged empire and also are touring together - in an amazing hands on two person show, as well as solo, in early 2007. Both have a slew of new tunes on their own imprints and with such heavy touring schedules, best to enquire for all free dates whether as a duo or seperate.

The upcoming releases on Offkey, Freak, and Position Chrome are sure to give this duo a much deserved push into the slimelight ;) Seriously funky, nasty little bleepers and techy tracks like my personal fave Axon..these boys are one of the future crews to look out for and get in there quick!

Another future crew, these boys are becoming more known for their hard hitting full on driving darkness in their tunes as well as their sets! With a staple of releases and remixes set for release in 2007 as well as tracks on the upcoming Hardware compilation, again, ones to get on quickly! Free dates in Jan and Feb!!

With "Welcome to Shanktown" EP set for release in Jan/Feb, the boys are back in town lol to tear it the f**k up! Looove the sets, with mixtures of old evil classics, as well as their techy, funky styles and pure, or drunken, enthusiaism, its a pleasure when they play! As four of them, there is always, almost, a way to get some of this good stuff for yourself ;) and also planning a tour in USA for March!

Don't forget about our other Angry DJ's, check out for the full list!!

xxx Robyn



PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 00:24
przez shtefi
Jan 20th -Szcecin, Poland

omfg :)

[EDIT] o, jednak widze ze tylko ja jestem taki opozniony i nic do tej pory nie wiedzialem o therapy u nas :)

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 01:31
przez puchcioDNB
March 17th - Samara, Russia

ciekawe czy MFC X TEAM zagra :P a do szczecina bym się wybrał,ale nie wiem jak będzie z hajsem i z dojazdem :?

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 01:35
przez desire
przekurewsko drogie sa pociagi do rosji :x

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 01:38
przez puchcioDNB
desire napisał(a):przekurewsko drogie sa pociagi do rosji :x

w sumie się nie dowiadywałem 8) ale taki wypad do Samary hdzie raczej na pewno bedzie MFC TEAM 8) ,to by było cos :lol: no ale narazie chociaż o tym Szczecinie pomyślę... :P

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 14:36
przez ''Kylabees''
puchcioDNB napisał(a):i z dojazdem :?


PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 15:30
przez junkiepunkey
Jan is full, but Feb and March looking pretty free dates wise for you promoters out there!


stawiam flache temu kto sprowadzi audia do polski :twisted:

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 15:41
przez matrox
nie jestem wielkim znawca sceny... nie kojarze w ogole kolesia :o ktos by sie podzielil jakims trackiem jego ?

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 16:48
przez shtefi
junkiepunkey napisał(a):
Jan is full, but Feb and March looking pretty free dates wise for you promoters out there!


stawiam flache temu kto sprowadzi audia do polski :twisted:

dorzucam druga flache

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 17:41
przez skeez
shtefi napisał(a):
junkiepunkey napisał(a):
Jan is full, but Feb and March looking pretty free dates wise for you promoters out there!


stawiam flache temu kto sprowadzi audia do polski :twisted:

dorzucam druga flache

i kubusia .
A tak na serio to ktos wie moze czy on ma takie aspiracje? :D

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 18:32
przez cierus
skizzi napisał(a):
shtefi napisał(a):
junkiepunkey napisał(a):
Jan is full, but Feb and March looking pretty free dates wise for you promoters out there!


stawiam flache temu kto sprowadzi audia do polski :twisted:

dorzucam druga flache

i kubusia .
A tak na serio to ktos wie moze czy on ma takie aspiracje? :D

hmmm to ja moge dac dupy jak ktoś go zabukuje :dnb: :dnb:

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 19:27
przez leniuch
matrox napisał(a):nie jestem wielkim znawca sceny... nie kojarze w ogole kolesia :o ktos by sie podzielil jakims trackiem jego ?

zobacz sobie na jego kawałki.

mnie urzekły póki co warehouse oraz i found you. reszta taka sobie.

Co prawda, w porównaniu z uzyskaniem mp3 od kogoś, odsłuch na chemrec nienajwyzszej jakości, ale to jest dla mnie dodatkowe kryterium: jak kawałek, którego słysze tylko połowę, cicho i w kiepskiej jakości, powoduje, że zaraz chcę go usłyszeć jeszcze raz.. i jeszcze raz.. to wiem, że taki kawałek jest dobry 8)

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 19:28
przez skeez
ej ... audio jest dobry, zwlaszcza jego ostatnie produkcje <warehouse, destroyed,no soul, delusional, fallout> !

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 19:37
przez leniuch
no ja jak przesłuchuje (na chemicalu) audio, dylana czy limewaxa, current value to ogólnie po godzinie mam dość- na prawdę rzadko kiedy jest coś co mnie kręci. Szczególnie ten ostatni nawydawał ostatnio parę płytek i same napier....
ja lubię ostre, ale nie napier.... (właśnie warehouse czy i found you)

oczywiście to tylko moja opinia i ciężko mi zdefiniować różnice między zwyczajną łupaniną a czymś co ma w sobie coś jeszcze :wink:

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 19:39
przez junkiepunkey
no soul, warehouse, warior & serpent, i found you, bandit country :heart:

:slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 19:48
przez leniuch
o- delusional i fallout jeszcze nie słyszałem, sobie poszukam setów 8)

PostNapisane: 21 gru 2006, 21:25
przez dry
BongRa vs. Enduser :dnb: :evil: oj kurde jakby byli gdzies niedaleko (Berlin)....

PostNapisane: 22 gru 2006, 12:36
przez molderus
z zarezerwowanych: 2 luty Lipsk

PostNapisane: 22 gru 2006, 19:24
przez ''Kylabees''
junkiepunkey napisał(a):no soul, warehouse, warior & serpent, i found you, bandit country :heart:

:slayer: :slayer: :slayer: :slayer:

no konkrety podałeś ale z mackim też dobre wały kręcili chociażby sound assault albo all mine

PostNapisane: 26 gru 2006, 01:09
przez T_T_K
dry napisał(a):BongRa vs. Enduser :dnb: :evil: oj kurde jakby byli gdzies niedaleko (Berlin)....

oj też na te dwa "suczyska" bym pojechał :wink: :twisted:

PostNapisane: 26 gru 2006, 03:20
przez Noire
bring me SPL to belgium *&^&*%^&$& :P

PostNapisane: 26 gru 2006, 12:12
przez moskwa
but why phace???
they should feel like only normal guy
on the meeting of society of flat earth...