Forbidden Society - THE SMASHER ( SWAG VIP )

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Forbidden Society - THE SMASHER ( SWAG VIP )

Postprzez oskarewicz » 16 lut 2013, 21:39

To show some love to FS fans, here you got a free track:) It's one of the songs that get me kinda " into it " if you know what i mean, i know there are some other versions of this song, but i just love this track, the reece and like the whole tune, so i hope you enjoy this one too:) You can download the track in Wav / MP3 and the rar file include 3 snares i used in this song, i am sure some of you outhere might use it:) So listen, download, spread it please and PLAY LOUD AS YOU CAN, thats the only way. !m! ... r-swag-vip
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