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MINDSCAPE & JADE feat COPPA - Friday the 13th VIP [EATBRAIN]

PostNapisane: 13 mar 2015, 14:11
przez ciacH
MINDSCAPE & JADE feat COPPA - Friday the 13th VIP [ EATBRAIN ]
VIP version of the infamous killer tune on the Tales Of The Undead LP.

Why try? bathe in cyanide
minds eye decide
we all die high
let it off like a bass canon
mistakes happen,
we stay clappin
they Manhattan
we that King Kong, climb with gorilla ish
strictly business, bare witness
break it down, a means to an end
run and hide when we out for revenge!
Friday the 13th, Freddy meets Jason
chasing fakers blatant
get a replacement facelift
face it, wide open spaces
insomniacs attack
ya call it Faithless
I can't get no sleep,
living affects my dream
who be the next to bleed with me
vendetta with veteran settlers
we better than Letterman,
late night we be getting at teams