10GB royalty free game sound effects od Sonniss.com

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10GB royalty free game sound effects od Sonniss.com

Postprzez goro » 14 mar 2015, 17:19

Sonnnis.com napisał(a):Hey everyone, hope you are well. This is Timothy McHugh here from Sonniss.
We couldn’t make it to the game developers conference this year, but wanted to do something special for the community. In celebration of #GDC2015, we teamed-up with many of our suppliers to offer all of the #GameAudioGDC attendees and non-attendees a large number of premium sound effects.
Check out the following links for more information

Oryginalny link: http://www.sonniss.com/sound-effects/fr ... ame-audio/
Dzialajacy mirror: http://ftpmirror.your.org/pub/misc/sonniss
Torrent: http://sonniss.com/GameAudioGDC.torrent
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