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OCTOBER 17, 2007
STUNNA presents
with an exclusive spotlight mix on:



For the next installment of my 'spotlight' series, I've chosen to shed light upon one of Drum+Bass's most prolific producers to date. With his unique and diverse creations, ICR (Zoltán Gál - Budapest, Hungary) has released music on countless labels throughout the world. Recently launching his very own digital label to distribute his mass amount of work output, MISSPENT MUSIC is a breath of fresh air for music lovers in search of quality through diversity.

A little more about ICR and MISSPENT MUSIC:

Misspent Music is about freedom. Artistic freedom to be precise. Misspent Music is a digital label set up by Hungarian Drum + Bass artist Zoltán Gál as known as ICR who has been a key figure in the country's thriving dnb scene, established its online magazine and community site, in 1999 and released on dozens of diverse labels worldwide such as Offshore, Covert Operations (incl. debut album), Good Looking, Nerve, Fokuz, Counter Intelligence, Flatline Audio or X-Tinction Agenda. His creativity forced it's way to write and self-release his personal musical diaries (The Public Diary, Empty Pages) which are both acclaimed as beautiful and unique work noted from the likes of Tony Colman (London Elektricity) to Elhornet (Pendulum). This kind of deep and leftfield drum & bass barely find its way to proper label releases but truly represents his musicality which he believes is worth showcasing. From now on, Misspent Music is here to cater to this sound and make ICR's unreleased tunes available in digital format for all of his fans worldwide! Despite his off-key sound, some of his music has lately been featured on major leauge DJ's shows like DJ Flight, Fabio, Grooverider, Marcus Intalex, Lynx and thus his priority is to give his music a wider audience, focusing on vinyl and CD releases as well. Keep your eyes peeled on both and don't miss out on his music!


Vinyl Releases:

2007 Matt U & ICR - Totem (X-tinction Agenda 008)
2007 Back 2 Front / Razor Blade Runner (Flatline Audio 003)
2006 So Unloved (Counter Intelligence 006)
2006 Autumn & ICR - Yesterday (Discoveries Of The Deep LP - Fokuz)
2006 ICR & Soulproof - It Could Have Been Me (Fokuz Limited 008)
2006 Fill The Sky / Skanner (Nerve 018)
2005 ICR & Soulproof - My Love (Fokuz 020)
2005 Cable - Sleep Driver ICR remix (Covert Operations 018)
2005 Fast & Furious / Primavera (Covert Operations 016)
2005 New Day / Dislike / Uprise (Covert Operations 012)
2004 Change Inside ASC remix (Offshore 011)
2003 Wide Awake (Basswerk 019)
2003 Rock The Sky / Stolen Symmetry (Orgone 011)

Exclusive Digital Releases:

2006 ICR & Matt-U - Drop Everything (Deformed Soundz 002)
2006 Good Morning Sunshine EP - Close By The Sun, The Rainbowchaser, Magic Man, Whales Of August (Taciturn Digital)
2006 Void - Empyrean ICR remix (Red Mist Digital 001)
2005 Shinumade Tatakau / Even When Your Shadow Leaves You (Exegene 022)
2005 ICR & Soulproof - One In A Million remix (Strictly Digital 189)
2005 It Could Have Been Me (Strictly Digital 188)
2005 Blue Fairy (Strictly Digital 138)
2005 Always & Forever (Strictly Digital 137)
2005 Want My Love (Strictly Digital 136)
2005 Words - Lowbrow / ICR remix (Nerve Beatport 003)
2004 Words / Arcadia (Nerve Beatport 002)


2007 Stumbled Upon Me (Fragments Ukraine)
2005 Daytrip (Covert Operations)

Free Albums:

Empty Pages
The Public Diary of Zoltan Gal Aged 22 and 2/3
ICR & Matt-U - Soulshine (Tracks from the trash)

Features On Compilations + Mix CDs:

2007 Intex Systems - Aural Void (ICR Remix) (Buried Treasure Vol. 1 - Offshore)
2006 Autumn & ICR - Yesterday (Discoveries of The Deep - Fokuz)
2006 Earth Odyssey (Noise Corrosion - Exegene)
2006 ICR & SDD - Striction 'Loveshine' (First Wave - Red Mist)
2006 Innocence (Aaron Myers presents Altitude Vol. 1 - TestFlight)
2004 Splashdown (Progression Sessions Germany Live 2004 - Good Looking)</a>
2003 Wide Awake (Basswerk Sessions 2)
2003 Rock The Sky (Exercise .01 A Drum & Bass Mix by DJ Dara - Breakbeat Science)
2003 Stolen Symmetry (Exercise .01 A Drum & Bass Mix by DJ Dara - Breakbeat Science)
2003 Strong Enough (True Sounds Of Freee 4 - Freee Magazin)

Journalism (D+B/Hip Hop):

2007-1999 ImpulseCreator (founder, editor)
2006-2005 Freee Magazin
2003-2002 Wan2, Wanted

Radio Spots:

Ren Radio Session hosted by Ren @ Torespont
3K hosted by Mentalien @ Trio Radio


Misspent Music
IPC ProFiles

* For more info on ICR, visit:

Be sure to tune in every week for:


Hosted by
Wednesdays 2-5pm (Chicago) : 8-11pm (UK)



Click 'CHAT' on mainpage to join in.

IRC= server and connect to the #bassdrive channel.

AIM= greenroomdnb


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przez catbread

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uhhha :dnb:

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przez Saimon
Link, pod którym możecie ściągnąć mix znajduje się tutaj.

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przez CuBa
zbyt rzadko tu zagladam. po raz kolejny ominalem genialna audycje. cale szczescie, ze material zostal uwieczniony, bo nawet nie potrafie sobie wyobrazic sytuacji w ktorej bym to po prostu ominal...

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przez Liq-weed
dzis tez jest ok a nawet zajeb :dnb: :dnb: