Red Mist Radio : 15.10.07 featuring Sol:ID (Autumn)

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Red Mist Radio : 15.10.07 featuring Sol:ID (Autumn)

Postprzez Saimon » 15 paź 2007, 19:46

Haze napisał(a):Red Mist Radio : 15.10.07 featuring Sol:ID (Autumn)

(Celcius, Fokuz, Souvenirs)

Joining me this week is Sol.ID of Autumn, hailing from Texas, USA. With several releases & remix projects under their belts and a whole host of forthcoming 12"s, Autumn are rising stars in the worldwide scene, Sol.ID himself also emerging as a solo artist with a string of side collaborations and DJ work. Expect a heavy showcase of unsigned & forthcoming music in the usual Red Mist tradition...

7-9pm GMT over at


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Postprzez CuBa » 15 paź 2007, 22:56

nagral ktos ?
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