jungletrain.net promomix October 2011 by DJ Rapid

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jungletrain.net promomix October 2011 by DJ Rapid

Postprzez jungletrain » 01 paź 2011, 18:47

DJ Rapid - jungletrain.net promomix october 2011

Jungletrain.net proudly presents: DJ Rapid - jungletrain.net promomix october 2011

Due to circumstances the September mix has been combined with the October mix.
We are truly sorry for those who have been waiting so long for the September one.

Rapid is a veteran of the rave scene having got into it through listening to the many pirate radio stations broadcasting in London in 1988. In 1991, he started going out to raves regularly and shortly after bought a set of Technics.
Rapid has moved from the London FM dial to the internet and has hosted ‘The Antiques Rave Show’ fortnightly on jungletrain.net since February 2010. The shows feature 90 minutes of the whole spectrum of oldskool from classic house through to jungle and everything in between. Over the years, ‘The Antiques Rave Show’ has seen many high profile guests passing through, including Slipmatt, Vinyl Junkie, Nebula 2, Skie, Squirrel & Flashback

This all vinyl promomix predominately features Rapid’s favourite years of oldskool 1992/1993 and includes many of his favourite all time tracks. Rapid’s enthusiasm for rumbling bass lines can clealry be heard and is one of the all marks of his sets.

Listen to DJ Rapid LIVE on jungletrain.net: bi-weekly (even weeks), saturdays, 21.30 - 23.00 (CET)

Email: Rapid@jungletrain.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RichRapid
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/richrapid





1. Smith Inc – Palomino – Absolute 2 Records (ABS 021 DJ)
2. Foul Play- Finest Illusion – Section 5 (SECTION 4, 1993)
3. Jody Wisternoff – X-PSCH-TING – Not On Label (XPT 001, 1992)
4. Bay B Kane – Quarter to Doom – Ruff Guidance Records (RGR 004, 1992)
5. DJ Solo – Darkage – Production House Records (PNT 050, 1993)
6. Dexxtrous – Choose One – Planet Earth Records (PDJ 04, 1993)
7. A Zone – Calling the people – White House Records (WYHS 028, 1994)
8. Babylon Timewarp – Durban Poison (Kashmir Mix) - Subliminal Records (TENSE 001, 1992)
9. Dem 2 Ruff – Nice Tune – Not On Label (DRM 2 RUFF, 1994)
10. Cloud Nine – Burnin Up (Ray Keith & Nookie Remix)- Movin Shadow (Shadow 37, 1993)
11. Q Project – Impact – Not On Label (QTIP001, 1992)
12. DJ Nee – A Nee Direction – Hardcore Will Never Die (HWND 001, 2005)
13. DJ Lee – A Touch of Darkness – Impact (IMP 012, 1993)
14. Freestyle & DJR – TEN 44 – Awesome Records (SL 010, 1993)
15. DJ Vibes – Live for the feeling – Fantazia (FANTA EP3, 2011)
16. Electronic Experienced –No. 303 – Basement Records (BRSS 025, 1993)
17. The Invisible Man- The Beginning – Timeless Recordings (DJG 006, 1993)
18. Spinback & Windmill – In Effect – Legend Records (LEG 002, 1993)
19. On Remand – Controllin - Crackhouse Productions (CH 001, 1993)
20. Omni Trio – Feel Good (Original In Demand mix) Movin Shadow (shadow 36R, 1993


Broadcasting since 2001, jungletrain.net is a 24/7 drum & bass internet radio with ~50 LIVE shows a week. With ~100 DJs from around the world, the station showcases a variety of styles and sub-genres, with a focus on the deeper and more "subverted" sounds of drum & bass.

The jungletrain.net promomix series has been published monthly since December 2004. Each mix showcases a different jungletrain.net DJ, offering a taste of his/her show on jungletrain.net. Starting in October 2009 the promomix series began to also feature an occasional special edition "engineers" mix, featuring dubplates and unreleased tracks from jungletrain.net producers and affiliated labels. To download previous promomixes, visit the promomix archive.

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Due to the station's non-profit and volunteer-based nature, jungletrain.net relies on donations to survive. Donations are needed to cover monthly server park hosting costs, copyright payments and growing bandwidth costs.
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haha, dnb.pl zrobiło was w chuja :lol: :dnb:
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