jungletrain.net welcomes DJ Trax and Nucleus to the family!

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jungletrain.net welcomes DJ Trax and Nucleus to the family!

Postprzez jungletrain » 07 sty 2012, 03:54

Jungletrain is very pleased to announce the addition of drum and bass veterans DJ Trax & Nucleus to its roster! The duo have had a pivotal role in the history of drum and bass, and have been involved with it for as long as the scene itself. They will host their new bi-weekly show 'Catch A Groove' on jungletrain.net every other Wednesday at 9-11pm CET (8-10 PM GMT)

Dave Trax began his musical history playing drums at 7. He started DJ-ing at 12 and by 1991, he had his first tune released on Brain Records. He signed to Moving Shadow with Paradox in the same year, and since then he has released tracks, both collaborative and solo, with a number of labels - including Outsider, Paradox Music and Sycophantic - and has founded a number of labels himself.

Dave Sims, a.k.a Nucleus, began mixing in 1986. From 1989 onwards, he was attending and playing out at raves and parties. In 1996, he teamed up with Paradox to make a series of collaborations, which were released on various labels including Reinforced, Good Looking and Metalheadz. In 2002, he and Paradox formed the 'Esoteric' label exclusively for the release of their collaborations under the moniker 'Nucleus + Paradox.'

The duo have played a number of nights, both locally and internationally across Europe, representing a wide range of genres including hip-hop, breakbeat and house. Their shows on jungletrain.net will consist of a diversity of styles of drum and bass, ranging from oldskool to unreleased dubs.

The first edition of 'Catch A Groove' will commence at 21:00 CET on Wednesday 11th January. Make sure to tune in to this very special debut!

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